Patience, Positivity, and Personification

The band has been through it's shares of ups and downs this year, and we've been a little absent from social media. But with sufficient reason. Life works like the waves in the ocean do, bringing swells of good things and then taking them away. And then bringing back troubles and tests for our spirits only to relieve us of it all shortly after. But it's only Hump Day right? And it's only good vibes from here on out!!

T.K. is back from his absence and we're back to work on our EP 'In The Company Of Wolves'!! Aaaaand..... we're almost done!! We have been itching to get back in the studio with our favorite Producer J Cruz so we can finally bring you some NEW TRACKS!! We're estimating WOLVES to be released MID-August so keep your pants on and take your shoes off for God's sake, get comfortable!

We also want to welcome in the newest edition to the band: 

Paul Adams

This guy is an incredible musician with a great vision and will no doubt be a driving force of SJV so give him a big bear hug next time you're at a show and         SPREAD THE LOVE!! 

Appreciate the GOOD times and stay positive during BAD times because everything levels out in due time!!


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